Gin Fusion Vermouth - The Spanish Aperitive

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Content: 75 cl

Alcohol content: 15% vol.

It was a grandparent tradition of the Picofino founder, to add a few drops of gin to vermouth. Picofino has reinvented it and you are just a sip away from giving it a resounding yes.

It starts with a single-varietal wine base, that is hand-macerated with herbs and botanicals. The grain or wine alcohol added to the vermouth is replaced with Picofino Original Gin to achieve an alcohol content of 15º vol.

Tasting note

The different way of making Picofino Gin Fusion Vermouth, where the wine macerated with herbs is infused with Picofino Original Gin instead of neutral or wine alcohol, gives this vermouth a very special personality.

The nose is very complex. Initially, you detect a soft liqueur with sweet citrus notes, vanilla, aniseed and cinnamon, even reminiscent of old-fashioned cola sweets. The gin gives it an elegant note and the alcohol is very soft on the nose.

The sweetness of the cinnamon and the initial aniseed aromas coexist perfectly with the bitterness of the absinthe, which is rounded off by the complexity of the gin, creating a very aromatic and smooth transition. The harmony between the intensity of the bitterness and the sweetness is the most difficult thing to achieve in a vermouth.

Very dark, almost black colour with golden reflections.

Perfect Serve

Serve chilled in a small glass or wine glass with large ice cubes and a citrus peel (preferably grapefruit or, in its absence, orange). If desired, simply add olives.