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Canenas Royal Limited Edition 500 ml

Canenas Royal Limited Edition 500 ml

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Content: 500 ml

This native olive variety of the Cazorla mountains in Jaén, Andalusia, has become a rarity due to the difficulty of harvesting it. A few years ago, the experts at Castillo de Canena dedicated themselves to the re-emergence of this variety. The result: a unique, wonderfully smooth and fruity extra virgin olive oil!

Tasting notes: lightly fruity, this olive oil has aromas of artichoke, green banana and almond. It is a perfectly balanced olive oil, with a light bitterness and a mild pungency and fruity flavour. 

Food pairing suggestions: vegetables, tomato sauces, fish such as salmon and cod and meats such as chicken and rabbit.

Olive variety: 100% Royal

Free fatty acid: 0,14

Harvest date: October 2021

Best before date from harvest date: 24 months.

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