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Picofino Original Gin

Picofino Original Gin

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Content: 0,75 cl

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

This gin is the result of eight years in search of a perfect and unique gin.

Discover a formula of five distillations of botanicals that gives it complex aromas, enriched with notes of citrus, Ceylon cinnamon and a liquorice maceration that gives it its characteristic hue.

Prepare your perfect gin and tonic, take your cocktails to a new level or dare to drink it neat with ice and a squeeze of lemon.

Tasting note

In the nose, behind a very gentle layer of alcohol you perceive juniper, citrus and fruity notes of grapefruit. In the background, one tastes the macerated liquorice, Ceylon cinnamon and a light herbal note.

Very silky, soft and elegant on the palate. We find a series of citrus aromas enhanced by the distillation of grapefruit and balanced by botanicals such as cardamom, which together with the distillation of Ceylon cinnamon gives a sweetness, with the bitterness and dryness of liquorice root and the intense base of juniper distillate. All this makes the drink very silky in the mouth and somewhat creamy, inviting you to try it neat with just a piece of ice and a citrus peel (preferably grapefruit).

Transparent, slightly brownish colour resulting from the liquorice, macerated during the brewing process.

Perfect Serve

The classic gin and tonic loves Picofino. Its complexity only invites you to flavour the glass or wide glass (chilled beforehand) with a citrus peel (ideally grapefruit) and a very cold tonic without excessive sugar. The ice should be large, rich and firm. Nothing more and nothing less, the essence of a good gin and tonic.

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