Nobleza del Sur Day Gift Box (500 ml)

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Contents: 500 ml

Intense fruity

Aroma & amp; Taste: Fresh and green, this olive oil has aromas of freshly cut grass, artichoke, tomato green, but also raspberry and banana. It is very balanced, medium tart and medium hot.

Fits well with: “Pan Tumaca, Octopus Carpaccio, Blue Fish Swordfish, Sardines, Tuna, Stone Risotto, Bean Soups, Grilled Meat & amp; Vegetables, game and hard cheeses Manchego, Parmesano, Pecorino.ino).

Olive variety: 100 Picual from organic cultivationA

Free fatty acid: 0.14°

Harvest date: October 2020

Best before date from harvest date: 24 months