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Canena's Cold Smoked Olive Oil

Canena's Cold Smoked Olive Oil

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Contents: 250 ml

It is the first cold-smoked extra virgin olive oil to be launched on the market. Thanks to an artisanal production system, subject to the strictest quality controls, the olive oil is naturally flavoured during 6 hours with the cold smoke of carefully selected woods.

Tasting note: A perfect symbiosis of fresh, fruity olive oil and the aroma of wood, apple and almond flavours with light caramel and vanilla nuances.

Food Pairing: grilled meat, salmon, grilled vegetables, pizza, pasta, vegetable cream soups.

Olive variety: 100% Arbequina

Free fatty acid: 0.1°

Harvest date: November 10-11, 2020

Best before date from harvest date: 24 months

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