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Gin Cream with Black Truffle

Gin Cream with Black Truffle

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Content: 0.75 l

Alcohol content: 17% vol.

A soft and seductive cream where truffle and gin harmonise perfectly.

Tasting notes:

On the nose, the truffle evokes memories of mushrooms, earth and moisture, with a soft and aromatic alcohol in the background, brought about by the gin and a slight milky aroma.

On the palate, the truffle flavour disappears and makes way for cocoa, vanilla and cinnamon, while the citrus fruits and complex notes of the gin emerge at the end.

It is a very smooth cream with a beige hue.

Perfect Serve

With ice

Keep the cream cooled and serve in an old fashioned or lowball glass with a large ice cube and a small citrus peel (grapefruit or orange is best). 

Without ice

Keep the cream very cold and serve in a pompadour or coupe glass, with a small citrus peel (grapefruit or orange is best) and, if you feel like it, a pinch of black truffle for that extra extravagant kick.

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