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First Day of Harvest Picual - Harvest 2019

First Day of Harvest Picual - Harvest 2019

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Contents: 500 ml

The First Day of Harvest Olive Oil from Castillo de Canena is obtained from olives from the very first day of harvest. For this reason, it possesses the best properties and freshness of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To honour this special edition, a famous Spanish personality creates a special label every year. The label for the 2020 harvest was designed by the Spanish Formula 1 pilot Carlos Sainz.

Intense and fruity

Tasting note: Extra virgin olive oil of intense green color. Intense fruity with vegetable notes of green grass, green fruits & vegetables. Great complexity and personality within an intense harmony.

Intense and complex flavours that reminds to green almond, green grass, banana peel, artichoke, tomato plant, vine stems, buns, walnut crust and green apple. Bitter and spicy something more prominent but well integrated and very balanced. It has a certain astringency and a pleasant persistence, mint aftertaste.

Food pairing: Lamb meat and stews, game dishes, Ibérico sausages and ham, tasty salad dishes with intensive marinades and spices and with mature cheeses.

Olive variety: 100% picual

Free fatty acid: 0.12°

Harvest date: 14th October 2020

Best before: 24 months from date of harvest

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