Finca la Torre Biodynamic Hojiblanca - Extra Virgin Oive Oil

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Content: 500 ml

Medium fruity

Aroma & flavour: This Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is light-fruity and a little more pungent and intense than other Arbequina olive oils. It is imbued with the flavours of almonds, artichokes and apples and is ideal for baking, for mild sauces and mild dishes.

Food Pairing suggestions: vegetables, creamy soups, fresh cheeses, white fish and meats, mild sauces and salad dressings.

Olive variety: 100% Arbequina

Free fatty acid: 0,11

Harvest date: September 2021

Best before date from harvest date: 18 months

Organic Control Spain: ES-ECO-001-AN. Our commercial activity is certified by BIOS: AT-BIO-401. This product is Demeter certified.