Duquesa de Medinaceli Olive Oil - Blend

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This olive oil is a "cuvée" of Arbequina olives harvested at two different stages of ripeness. It is wonderfully fresh and sweet.

Contents: 350 ml


Tasting note: It is golden yellow, medium-fruity, fresh and sweet. It has aromas of freshly cut meadow and green apple. On the palate it is sweet and delicate, leaving a wonderful taste of almonds and vanilla. It is a balanced olive oil, lightly bitter and pungent.

Food Pairings: Marinades of all kinds, desserts with chocolate, fruit salads or simply with white bread and flor de sal.

Olive variety: 100% Arbequina

Free fatty acid: 0.11

Polyphenol content: 303.6 mg/kg

Harvest date: 2021

Best before date from harvest date: 24 months