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First Day of Harvest Arbequina - Harvest 2019

First Day of Harvest Arbequina - Harvest 2019

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Contents: 500 ml

The First Day of Harvest olive oil from the Castillo de Canena oil mill is special: this olive oil is obtained from olives from the very first day of harvest. Because of this, it is a very exclusive olive oil, with the best properties and freshness. To honor this special edition, a famous Spanish personality creates a special label every year. The label for the 2018 harvest was designed by the Spanish author Juan Eslava Galán.n.

Medium fruity

Tasting note:this olive oil reminds us of green olives and is very fruity. It has aromas of tomato bush and green bananas. It is a balanced olive oil, slightly tart and medium hot. It leaves a wonderful taste of almonds and is very lightly peppery..

Fits well with: Marinades of all kinds, desserts with chocolate, orange and lemon, or simply with white bread and Flor de Sal.

Olive variety: 100 arbequinaa

Free fatty acid: 0.11°

Harvest date: 25.09.2019

Best before date from harvest date: 24 months

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