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Castillo de Canena First Harvest - Pine wood gift box

Castillo de Canena First Harvest - Pine wood gift box

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Contents: 2 x 500 ml

The gift set for olive oil lovers & amp; Gourmets!

Intense fruity Picual & amp; medium fruity arbequinaina)

Tasting note:

The Arbequina olive oil has aromas of green olives, tomatoes, green bananas. It is a balanced olive oil, slightly tart and medium hot. It leaves a wonderful taste of almonds and is slightly peppery..

The Picual olive oil has very green aromas and reminds us of green almonds, freshly cut grass, green banana, artichoke, green tomatoes, and green apples. It is wonderfully hot and tart and leaves a slight taste of peppermint.

The Picual variety goes well with: Lamb meat and stews, game dishes, Ibérico sausages and ham, tasty salad dishes with intensive marinades and spices and with mature cheeses.

The Arbequina variety goes well with: white fish, marinades of all kinds, desserts with chocolate, orange and lemon, or simply with white bread and flor de sal. Ideal as a substitute for butter in batter or creams.

Olive variety: 100 arbequina and 100 picualal

Free fatty acids: Arbequina 0.11, Picual 0.133°

Harvest date: 2020

Best before date from harvest date: 24 months


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