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Organic white balsamic sherry vinegar

Organic white balsamic sherry vinegar

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If you are looking for a vinegar that is not too acidic, this Andalusian organic white balsamic vinegar is the perfect choice!

Content: 500 ml

It is a successful blend of wine vinegar and the syrup of reduced Pedro Ximenez and Malbec grapes. In order to maintain its white color, the grape juice is heated at a significantly lower temperature than dark balsamic vinegar. This vinegar is matured in oak barrels for 5 years.

Pairing: Salad dressings, marinades, sauces.

Ingredients: 55 % organic white wine vinegar, 45% organic grape reduction from Pedro Ximenez and Malbec grape varieties. May contain sulphites.

Acid: 6%

Country of origin: Spain

Certification body: ES-ECO-001-AN Spain Agriculture.

Our trading activity is certified by BIOS AT-BIO-401.

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