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Sliced Organic Acorn-fed 100% Iberico Loin

Sliced Organic Acorn-fed 100% Iberico Loin

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Señorio de Montanera's organic pork loin is made according to a traditional recipe from Extremadura in a completely natural and artisanal way, without additives or artificial preservatives. Made from 100% Iberian pigs fed on acorns and raised freely on certified organic pastures and whose production contributes to the protection of the environment.

  • 100% Bellota black Iberian pork (pata negra).
  • From Badajoz, Extremadura
  • From acorn fattening (Bellota) and wild plant fattening
  • Air-dried pork loin, sliced, 100g vacuum packed
  • Without added preservatives
  • Gluten, lactose and allergen free

Ingredients: Organic pork loin* from 100% Ibérico acorn-fed pork (bellota), salt, paprika, garlic.

 *Organic farming

Average Nutritional Value/ Average Nutritional Value

Per 100 g


1786.50 kJ / 427.39 kcal


Thereof/of which

    Saturated fatty acids/saturated

    Monounsaturated fatty acids/monounsaturated

Polyunsaturated fatty acids/polyunsaturated

35,68 g



 15,28 g

18,51 g

1,89 g



   davon Zucker/of which sugar



1,09 g


26,56 g


5,6 g


Producer: SEÑORÍO DE MONTANERA, Ctra. Rincón de Caya, km 3,5, Apdo. 335, 06080 Badajoz - SPAIN

Storage instructions: Store in a dry place up to 7°c. Protect 
 from sunlight. Once opened, store in the refrigerator for a maximum of 5 days.
How to enjoy your Ibérico Ham: For optimal enjoyment and taste, remove from the packaging 20 minutes before eating and leave to rest at room temperature (between 18°c and 24°c).
Want to know more?

The pure Iberian pigs are raised and fed in oak woods (dehesas) that are certified organic farms. The organic Iberian pigs are fed with natural and organic feed before going to the montanera fattening, where they eat only acorns and natural resources of the dehesa.
 The acorn-fed Iberian loin has no external fat and appears red and slightly purple when cut open, with a pronounced vein of infiltrated fat that makes the meat particularly succulent. Its intense aroma reflects the purest values of the Dehesa de Extremadura. Its natural flavour also exudes a strong acorn aroma that lingers in the mouth with excellent quality. Señorio de Montanera's organic Iberian sausages are free of additives and artificial preservatives and carry the European Union's organic seal.
 Gluten, lactose, and dairy-free product.


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