Casas de Hualdo

Casas de Hualdo

Casas de Hualdo

It was a pleasure to be home again last November and to visit the Casas de Hualdo team!

The idyllic finca, in the middle of Castilla la Mancha, is 45 minutes away from the historic city of Toledo, on the edge of the Tagus River and surrounded by a hilly landscape. Arable farming is practiced on the finca and approximately 750,000 kg of olive oil are pressed from 300,000 olive trees every year.

I arrived in the middle of the harvest and had the privilege of watching the Arbequina olives being harvested and processed.

It was fascinating!

It was a pleasure for me to be able to see and experience everything in the oil mill, from the reception of the olives, which were immediately processed, to the filtering of the fluorescent green “olive juice” that was being extracted from the perfect olives. The shiny Pieralisi machines, immaculate and pristine facilities, and temperature-controlled rooms, where the freshly filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oils are stored in steel tanks, ensure top quality and freshness, until the next order comes in and the oils are bottled.

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